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Unearth has been my passion project for several years now. Originally a browser extension to surface a few of my saves on the new tab page of Chrome, Unearth has since morphed into something entirely different.

After saving hundreds of posts and comments since joining Reddit back in 2012, I soon realized that trying to organize my saves was impossible and finding anything was just as hard a challenge as well. This is because Reddit provides little to no tools to help Redditors manage their saves—that is unless you have Reddit Premium and use the old Reddit site.

Unearth aims to be the best service at allowing Redditors to view and manage their saved things… The best part: it's 100% free.

I was happy to learn that others had already attempted to address these issues with Reddit saves, the biggest players being Reddit Manager and Savvit. Unfortunately, I found these services to either be too out of date and/or lacking the necessary features I had wanted. So, like any software engineer, I decided to build my own app to scratch my own itch.

Enter Unearth. After researching the top issues others had with Reddit saves (which correlated closely with my own frustrations), I set out to build something to fix said problems. Since the beginning, Unearth aims to be the best service at allowing Redditors to view and manage their saved things; attempting to outdo Reddit themselves and their minimal set of filtering tools. “Best” is hardly objective, so to clarify, I wanted Unearth to be the cleanest, fastest, and most intuitive tool available for those wishing to get more out of their Reddit saves.

The best part: it's 100% free.

With that said, I invite you to try Unearth. Feel free to suggest new features, report any issues, or just hang out on our official subreddit. If you'd like to help make Unearth better, feel free to check out the Unearth GitHub organization and submit any changes you'd like.


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Founder & Lead Developer

Cedric, aka u/Cedricium"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it."—Kurt Vonnegut